Ontario Police Officers are Using Ayahuasca to Treat their PTSD


“As a constable with the Ontario Provincial Police, Matt Chorny regularly responded to car accidents. He often dealt with victims and family members throughout the entire process, from the crash to the morgue.

Over time, such incidents took an emotional toll. These days, he’s coping with the help of a surprising source — ayahuasca.

Chorny’s embrace of the hallucinogenic brew, which is illegal in Canada, is a recent revelation. For many years, Chorny suffered from the trauma that came from his work, which frequently included responding to sexual assaults and other violent crimes. 

“The worst is when people die in your arms,” Chorny told Global News. But he buried his feelings and carried on with the work. He started drinking more to cope. On top of everything, he said he didn’t feel supported by his police service and most of his colleagues…” Continue reading