Canada Grants More Religions Ability to Import Ayahuasca


“A total of five religious groups now are allowed to use the hallucinogenic in their ceremonies. Thanks to Health Canada, some folks in Quebec and Ontario are one step closer to finding god, as three more exemptions have been granted to religious groups to allow them to import ayahuasca, a powerful and controversial hallucinogenic, according to a report by Global News.

Many tourists travel to Indigenous communities in South America to try ayahuasca. But the hallucinogen remains banned in Canada and the US, despite many advocating for its legalization. The drug is said to have therapeutic and healing effects, and has been said to help fight various mental illnesses.

The brew, which originates from the Amazon, is used for religious and healing purposes in certain religious groups. It is banned in Canada due to it containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and harmaline, two prohibited hallucinogens…” Continue reading