These Himalayan Bees Make Psychedelic Honey


“Within the depths of the forests in the Himalayas, lies the world’s largest bee’s that spend their time creating psychedelic honey that will blow your mind.  This particular honey is so valued by the locals in Nepal and China that they willingly risk their lives to potentially harvest and sell this honey to the wealthy men of asia and the curious tourist that frequent the area.  What makes this ‘mad honey’ so desirable and special?

The term mad honey which is also known as red honey, is the product of the Himalayan cliff bee or (Apis dorsata laboriosa).  This bee is the largest in the world which are just over 3cm long and they are a subspecies of the relatively common bee (Apis dorsata).  This highland bee is the only species in the area that has access to Rhododendron flowers that tend to make the highly sought after honey mad…” Continue reading