Ayahuasca for PTSD: Interview with "From Shock to Awe" Producer

“One of the most historically influential decades, the 1960s, came and went taking with it the ideologies of psychedelic exploration – until now. After more than 50 years of dormancy, a new psychedelic revolution has emerged. Cutting across political and socio-economic boundaries, the documentary film From Shock to Awe illustrates a sympathetic and effective way psychedelics can help address trauma plaguing veterans. It’s an intimate and raw look at the transformational journey of two combat veterans suffering from severe trauma as they abandon pharmaceuticals to seek relief from the mind-expanding world of psychedelics. 

In this interview with the film’s co-creator and producer Janine Sagert, we discuss whether ayahuasca is a “cure” for PTSD, where the film’s subjects are now (and if they’ve drank any more ayahuasca), the inspiration behind the film, and more…” Continue reading