What is the Real Reason Plant Medicines are Suppressed?


“There are a fairly large number of plants and plant concoctions from around the world, all of which are considered medicinal, with varying effects on human physiology and psychology; most of which could be termed ‘psychedelic’, meaning ‘to manifest the mind’. Although this interesting choice of a name sounds fairly positive, it makes it easy for such medicines to be considered recreational, something they most certainly are not. Well, not unless you are the type that considers sky-diving without a parachute recreational.

These plants have conveniently been given the label ‘drugs’, which is somewhat misleading. We have a preconceived idea of what constitutes drugs, and that title definitely has negative connotations. Ayahuasca (otherwise known as Yagé), DMT, salvia divinorum, iboga, mushrooms and peyote are but a few of the many naturally occurring plants found in the flora of various locations around the world.

Despite the fact that they are an offering from nature rather than something dreamed up in a laboratory, they have been made illegal. This seems somewhat absurd when you consider that our biological bodies are not designed to respond to synthetics; nature’s creations do not have to come with a list of side effects longer that your arm…” Continue reading