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Ayahuasca Retreat Ireland with Kambo, Bufo Alvarius & Yopo, UK

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Our retreats are about sharing the medicines in coherence with reciprocity, which is called Ayni in the Andean Cosmovision. Ayni is reciprocity in the most profound sense of the word, for it is a natural giving and sharing between us and Mother Nature. Pachamama is the great being that is not only the abundant giver of all the fruits of nature but the mother to us all. We live in her sustenance and she generously offer us the ancestral wisdom of Ayahuasca and other plant medicines. She offers us this wisdom in an act of ayni, and in this act, she is contributing to the expansion of humanity so that we can reconnect with our truth and live in this nature of reciprocity with her once again.

At Ayayni we believe with all our hearts that when we reconnect with mother nature, through the wisdom that she offers us, we will all awaken, just as we came here to do. Ayayni is more than the union of the two words, Ayahuasca and Ayni, it is the union of humanity and our awakening through the act of ayni.


Ayahuasca is a medicine from the amazon that is collected and cooked for many hours in a sacred ritual, and it has been offered to us to awaken to everything that lies in our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is like a treasure chest where we find the programs that inhibit us in our daily life. With the help of ayahuasca we open this chest and discover the ancestral programs that we collected when we passed through the 4th plane to become physical beings. In this physical journey our only reason for being is to unlock these programs and live in true joy. We are called to ayahuasca when it is time, as individuals, to confront ourselves and give intention to this mission.

Bufo Alvarius is the secretion of a toad from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. This secretion has a very special molecule which is also activated in specific states such as birth, death and sleep. It breaks the chemical filters that the human mind uses to prevent us from being in a continuous state of perception and complete consciousness. Therefore, when we smoke it, we have the opportunity to access an experience of unity and fusion with the whole, it is pure expansion in the great void.

Kambo It is the secretion of a frog from Amazonian Peru that, when applied to the skin through a series of small burns, allows a deep detoxification and elimination of parasites from the body, whilst strengthening the immune system.

Yopo is a magical visionary medicine that has the purpose of re adjusting the mechanisms that support the structure of thought. These visions do this by producing a state of intense confusion, an essential aspect to open new spaces in the perspective of the human being.

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