The Dualistic Mechanism: A Divine Moment of Truth


By Danielle B

The Mechanism: I saw it, and it’s more horrifying than I ever could have possibly imagined. Before having the experience, we were talking about language. The question that was asked right before I did it, which was PERFECT, was about how to escape the imprisonment of our language. I was confronted with a type of mechanism. It didn’t present itself in visuals, sounds or anything else. I just inherently understood HOW the mechanism worked.

At the heart of it was a feeling, reminiscent of the propagandic conditioning that has been instilled in me so deeply, and this force which helped me to understand the Mechanism told me clearly that I should step back; that I was totally stupid for even asking. Like how it was when I was continually told that my questions were stupid, as a kid. Why even bother asking? It’s this obvious. “Duh!”

Ask and you will ruin the mystery

They want us to think that if you ask what existence is and find out, then you RUIN the mystery. It can’t even sustain itself without that wonder. And then, the entire thing unravels and it’s all your fault! The feedback constructed to keep us/this time loop repeating is nearly foolproof, and woven into every neural connection, within every fibre of our linguistic networks.

This is the time trap. The way out is faith. Forgiveness of The Mechanism. And the path is grace; the middleman between all dualities - meet all entities here. This is what we/I have been called to do all along!

The truth requires sacrifice

So, is the mystery actually ‘ruined’ after that experience? Well, interestingly, the mystery in some sense is always ‘ruined’ once the truth comes out about something, because it’s not a mystery anymore. So, that is our individual sacrifice of finding out things about the mystery… yet, truth is revealed. So it is worthwhile.

I nearly choked and puked on the mucus or recrystallized spice that was in my throat and between my nose, in the exact place that made me start gagging. And that mechanism, through classical conditioning (associations being made), became reflective of the mechanism I was shown of our ‘downfall’ - the thing that is leading us to struggle and evolve, yet that which is also causing us to fight against ourselves and suffer in the process through the illusion of separation. By separating them into two, the game was on, and the entire evolutionary process took the fast track to being strengthened. They figured we could handle it, I guess.

I later choked again from the crap that was still left there, and it gave me a flash of inspiration - I was glad that it happened, because it reminded me of the mechanism when it happened during the experience, causing me insight and helping me to remember more about the experience. It happened a couple of times.

I was engaged with some sort of overwind entity

It was interesting that it caused me literal pain to understand how it worked. Coughing, and nearly puking. I was aware of the reality around me, but I also was in contact and engaged with some sort of overwind entity, or perhaps more than one. They had an authoritative vibe.

To revisit The Mechanism, the best way to express how it worked was that I noticed something; a concept that was traveling and unfolding. That’s the best way to describe it. I followed it, because I felt an intrigue and appreciation for it. It looped in on itself metaphorically, disappeared, and entered into something else, which in turn made the thing that had entered into it useless and void.

This thing that had joined up with it, it was as if it didn’t exist anymore at all. I couldn’t believe that it had been for nothing, because it was just that disappointing. I saw that the thing did indeed function as it was intended; but, I still found the mechanism to be mind-boggling and perplexing because it was self-defeating, and survived off just doing ‘busy work’, for lack of a better term.

It wasn’t going anywhere

It wasn’t going anywhere, is the feeling I got. I refused to believe that it wasn’t going anywhere; that there wasn’t something elsewhere.  A force, in response to my reaction, made me feel like a child who had just asked a question that I shouldn’t ask. Now that I think about the whole concept, it’s kind of a good metaphor for the literal act of sex and creation - not the things attached to it; only the mechanical act itself.

I probably could have laughed at what happened, if I hadn’t been coughing and almost puking as it happened. Somebody (a human, or someone at our scale) wants us to believe that they control everything. But the truth is, we wouldn’t be here in the first place, if ‘they’ controlled it. They’re at the same scale as we are. And if they’re behaving off of fear, survival and material gain, how could they also be using the logic that governed the deeper meaning of reality?

So, I still think the joke might be on those who had the ‘upper hand’ this time.

What WAS the mechanism?

It was:

  • Self-repeating

  • Inescapable (but a noteworthy part of me didn’t believe that it was inescapable)

  • When I asked about it, I was made to feel like a dog that just got kicked for being too excited

  • At one point, I felt bad for asking, and was like “okay, fine”, like a child kicking pebbles. But then I was like, “NO! There is MORE than this!” I felt an entity around the end that was glad I hadn’t given in, and comforted me a bit with this new information I’d been given.