What are the DMT entities? They are the mysterious phenomena that DMT smokers and imbibers of entheogenic brew ayahuasca experience with incredible frequency. They are a constant source of fascination among those that enter the DMT realm, by whichever means; yet definitive conclusions about their nature are currently in short supply.

Depending on your perspective on reality in general, you might be inclined to put DMT entity experiences down to heightened imagination or hallucinations, but great numbers of people seem to consider the entities ‘real’ in the usual sense of the word. We wrote an article addressing the topic of whether the DMT entities are real for those wishing to explore this further.

The nature of the DMT entities

When you consider the range of differences in human psyche and intentions, it is easy to imagine that hyper-dimensional beings might have a similar level of diversity. Much anecdotal evidence suggests that experiences with DMT entities can vary dramatically; some appear to be overtly benign, whereas some proffer warnings and admonishments.

Subjective as the interpretations will naturally be, there are plenty of accounts of sinister and even terrifying energies. Graham Hancock has spoken of meeting DMT realm entities exuding a sense of malicious intent. Like Carlos Castaneda and philosopher George Gurdjieff, he shares the perspective that there are negative entities (perhaps to be considered demons) in hyperspace that intend to ‘hoodwink’ us. Conversely, there are vast numbers of people conveying blissful, heart-opening entity encounters. The unpredictable and often polarised nature of these encounters seems to indicate that entities intentions vary.

Types of DMT entities

It is also interesting that many parallels can be drawn in the appearances of DMT entities. Some don’t conform to a recognisable image at all, and some are either difficult to describe in worldly terms - or barely perceptible visually. However there are countless stories available across the internet describing similar ‘types’ of entities, and they could perhaps be considered archetypical.  

Although several well-known psychedelic explorers have spoken about encounters with DMT entities, one of the most famous accounts is from the late Terence McKenna, who spoke in detail about the ‘self-transforming machine elves’. DMT entities take various forms, including humanoid. Then there are the insectoids, the jesters, the serpents, religious deities and many more.

These self-transforming machine elf creatures were speaking in a coloured language which condensed into rotating machines that were like Fabergé eggs but crafted out of luminescent superconducting ceramics and liquid crystal gels.
— Terence McKenna on DMT Machine Elves

Here is a synopsis on some of the different entities experienced in the DMT realm:

DMT Machine Elves

Since McKenna articulates this perfectly, we will leave the description of the machine elves to him (taken from a transcript of ‘Time and Mind’):


“So you burst into this space [‘The Dome’]. It's lit, socketed lighting, some kind of indirect lighting you can't quite locate. But what is astonishing and immediately riveting is that in this place there are entities - there are these things, which I call "self transforming machine elves," I also call them self-dribbling basketballs. They are, but they are none of these things.

I mean you have to understand: these are metaphors in the truest sense, meaning they're lies! Uh, it's a jeweled self-transforming basketball, a machine elf. I name them 'Tykes' because tyke is a word that means to me a small child, and I was fascinated by the 54th fragment of Heraclitis, where he says: "The Aeon is a child at play with colored balls" ... and when you burst into the DMT space this is the Aeon - it's a child, and it's at play with colored balls, and I am in eternity, apparently, in the presence of this thing.

There are many of these things, but the main thing that's happening is that they are engaged in a linguistic activity of some sort, which we do not have words for, but it's visible language. They are doing the visible language trip. When you break into the space, they actually cheer! The first thing you hear when you pass across is this 'hhhyeaaaaaayyy' - you know the Pink Floyd song?
"The Gnomes have Learned a New Way to Say Hoo-Ray?” This has gotta be what these guys were talking about; how else could it be? It doesn't make any sense otherwise.

You break into this space... the gnomes say “hoo-ray!” And they come rushing forward… and people say, "Is there risk to DMT? It sounds so intense. Is it dangerous?”

The answer is: “Yes, it's tremendously dangerous; the danger is the possibility of death by astonishment!” 

DMT Mantises and Insectoid entities

DMT Mantises and ‘alien ants’ are widely reported and appear to fall under the same bracket, more or less. Insects are probably so fascinating because they are quite different and therefore perhaps less easy to relate to than mammals and humanoid entities. Here’s what Belgian playwright Maurice Masterlinck had to say about them:


"Something in the insect seems to be alien to the habits, morals, and psychology of this world, as if it has come from some other planet, more monstrous, more energetic, more insensate, more atrocious, more infernal than our own."

Insectoid encounters in the DMT realm often go hand-in-hand with the experience of being operated on or examined in some way during the trip. Going by reports, these creatures seem very curious but don’t always convey direct messages; however, they seem quite adept at evoking some degree of apprehension in DMT users.

Some consider them to be parasitic in nature, which corresponds to Carlos Castaneda’s view of hyper-dimensional entities. He calls this ‘the topic of topics’ in his book The Active Side of Infinity. Whether DMT insectoids fall under this category is unclear, but to quote a volunteer who experienced insectoid/reptilian entities during Dr. Rick Strassman’s study in DMT: The Spirit Molecule: "They were interested in emotion… They feasted as they made love to me."

A reader who contributed a DMT experience to DMT Times said:

“Suddenly a being formed in the center and got really close to my face. I felt frozen with fear, like a child before being punished. The being felt female and was talking to me in place of my voice in my head - the thoughts weren't my own, and the conversation was not of this world… something impossible to convey. She backed off and I saw deep, black, insect-like eyes. Like a highly sophisticated praying mantis with an upper body of energy and light.”  

DMT Jesters, magicians and genies

Jesters are the archetypical tricksters from the Medieval and Renaissance eras, and those who have encountered them in the DMT realm are apt to agree that they have a distinct energy about them. Another way to describe this type of entity is as a ‘harlequin’, or a ‘magician’. The terms seem to be used interchangeably.

DMT Entities.png

Such entities are commonly described as multi-coloured and patterned in appearance, sometimes bejewelled and often acrobatic. They resemble the stereotypical joker and their behaviour corresponds well. Jester entities appear to take delight in confusing, startling or amusing visitors to the DMT realm.

They tend to be adept at surprising us and performing feats that, however difficult to relay, are impressive and even magical. This kind of encounter often happens in an environment similar to a carnival or circus.

One of the DMT Times team experienced the jester entity as follows:

“A genie-like being swooped down into my inner vision on some kind of ‘magic carpet’, for want of a better analogy. It was wearing what seemed like an ornate turban or hat of some sort, and although its full appearance wasn’t clear, there was that familiar sense of innate recognition that frequently overshadows the visual perception in the DMT realm.

This entity began tossing playing cards that would loom into the forefront of my inner vision before exploding into something fascinating and hilarious, or something shocking that would make me gasp out loud. These creations were indescribable, but somehow made sense. Interestingly, the sense that this jester entity was taking delight in its impact was strong.”

Another DMT Times reader experienced a jester entity in a DMT trip and said:

“I look down and there's a female entity with this harlequin-esque getup sort of lying next to me with her face and hand near my thigh. At this point, I decided it was best to lie back, close my eyes, and just pretend that I didn't see any of it. A couple days later, I woke up to my housemate screaming, so I ran into her room to see what was going on. She started screaming about some "jester girl" in her room laughing at and making fun of her. I was like, ‘You draw what you just saw, I’ll draw what I saw a couple nights ago, and we'll compare.’ They were pretty much the same picture.”

The Ayahuasca entities: Serpents, animals and mother figures

The serpent entity seems to be one of the most prevalent in ayahuasca experiences than in experiences with DMT alone. The serpent is a symbol represented within many cultures around the world. For instance, it is seen in the famous Caduceus, used by the medical industry. It also represents the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, and kundalini, the life force energy said to travel up the spine during kundalini awakenings.

Ayahuasca Vision by Paulo Jales-2

Ayahuasca Vision by Paulo Jales-2

Then there is the Biblical snake from the Garden of Eden, and the Aboriginal ‘Rainbow Serpent’, which is seen as a creator deity. In Jeremy Narby’s book, The Cosmic Serpent, he describes the serpent as the DNA double helix, and as ayahuasca is purported to repair the DNA of its imbibers, this makes sense.

There are great numbers of reports on serpent entity experiences during ayahuasca sessions and many consider the serpent to be the spirit of ayahuasca. Graham Hancock spoke of the ayahuasca serpent in this manner, attributing profound realisations about his health and habits to this spirit. In his 2005 book ‘Supernatural’, he refers to such entities as “the ancient teachers of mankind”.

Sometimes the spirit fondly referred to as ‘Mother Ayahuasca’ appears as an elderly, beautiful woman with a powerful, benevolent and maternal energy. Others report sensing or seeing this spirit as a powerful animal such as a panther, a jaguar, a bird, a monkey or even a plant.  However, there is nothing to say that the spirit of ayahuasca can’t appear in whichever form most makes sense to the imbiber.

If you have had an entity experience under the influence of ayahuasca or DMT, feel free to send it in to DMT Times. We publish as many experiences as we can in order to encourage coherency in research, and we aim to use this information to come to some viable conclusions with the collaboration of our readers.  

This has to be taken seriously. In other words, the “it’s only a hallucination” thing—that horseshit is just passé. I mean, reality is only a hallucination for crying out loud, haven’t you heard? So that takes care of that—it’s only a hallucination. What we’ve got here, folks, is an intelligent entelechy of some sort that is frantic to communicate with human beings for some reason.
— Terence McKenna