Are the DMT Entities Real?


Traveling to the DMT realm often evokes experiences from which various parallels can be drawn. Fast moving geometry and fractals are almost universally reported, and this seems to be the case whether or not people report the ‘breakthrough’. Another hugely common parallel that can be drawn in DMT experiences, regardless of culture or background, is entity encounters.  

The entities vary wildly in terms of appearance and manner. Interactions with them can leave people in states of elation or despair, which indicates something profound: these entities must feel as real as the humans we interact with in every day life. It is rare that somebody writes a frightening DMT entity encounter off as ‘a bad trip’. Likewise, it would surely be a little odd to be brimming with excitement about positive encounters with beings you believed to be hallucinations?  

Ask anyone who has encountered a DMT entity, or even simply entered a ‘level’ or ‘stage’ of the realm (another common perception), and most will tell you that that realm felt perhaps more real than this one.

Do entity encounters contribute to pre-DMT trip nerves?

One of the reasons users tend to experience a certain level of agitation or anticipation before a DMT trip is the awareness that there is no way whatsoever to predict what is coming. It is little surprise that so many don’t like to smoke DMT alone. You are relinquishing, to some extent, control of your own mind. It is doubtful that a kaleidoscope of colours and geometry alone would create such a heightened sense of anticipation. Yet if you are to encounter an entity in this realm, it is easy to assume that it knows a lot more about the current environment than you do; perhaps the same goes for your familiar, everyday realm, even.


When comparing experiences that comprise of decipherable entity communications, it is clear that these beings seem to know more about us than we know about ourselves. Many report having lost control of the version of ‘self’ that is still present in the realm, leaving them at the mercy of beings that wish to reprimand or conduct operations and examinations.

Some people report sensations in the physical body that correspond to entity contact in the DMT realm, such as a cool breeze on the chest area. Just as humans do, these beings appear to have their own unique intentions, wills and temperaments. Some seem overtly hostile, and some seem overwhelmingly loving. There is speculation and doubt as to how much we can trust the intentions - and perhaps more importantly the power - of these beings. After all, we know so little that it’s difficult to assume anything at all.

When it comes to the DMT realm, Einstein’s phrase, “The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don't know” rings truer than ever. Will it always be this way? Who can say for sure? However it stands to reason that because we have the capability to perceive such possibilities, it is at least possible to know. Couple that with the fact that entity communications are such a prolific aspect of DMT trips, and it starts to look like we’re following a breadcrumb trail of sorts.  

Could the entities be projections based on setting?

Having said that, there are convincing controversial postulations from the likes of Nick Sand, the well-known underground chemist who first synthesised DMT. Sand said, in his article Moving into the Sacred World of DMT:

“When I read the excerpt in ER from DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman, I was struck by what I feel are a few fundamental misunderstandings that he made, and his failure to notice the crucial effect that the presence of he and his crew, as well as the overall environment, was having on his subjects.

First off, DMT is not a re-run of the X-Files. There are no aliens squiggling through psychospace to do experiments on us. That idea is just plain silly. It is fine to wonder how these perceptions occur, but it’s another matter to jump to conclusions. Wouldn’t it make sense to first examine the environmental design rather than look to alien origins?

Over and over, Strassman’s subjects describe being examined by numerous strange beings in highly technical environments during the visual phase of their DMT experience. They are being examined, discussed, measured, probed, and observed. They are in high-tech nurseries and alien laboratories. There are 3–4 people moving around operating machinery according to some design or agenda.

Now lets look at what the physical surroundings are. These experiments are being done in a hospital room. There are a number of people in attendance, helping the one who is in charge, Dr. Strassman. He has an agenda and an experimental scientific viewpoint based on intellectual assumptions.

There are people from NIDA, a government agency overseeing these experiments. They are labelled “Mr. V.” and “Mr. W. ” It seems clear to me that these individuals are the “aliens” represented in many of the experimental subjects’ trips. The elements of the experimental environment seem to be cropping up in the trip world that the subjects are experiencing.”

Sand clearly takes a more rational view on entity encounters, and his argument is convincing. However, this doesn’t really explain why a Westerner in their lounge who knows nothing of Hindu mythology might encounter the Shiva deity. Nor does it explain McKenna’s ‘machine elves’, unless perhaps he had smoked DMT in the midst of a fairground at the time.

Similarly, outlaw chemist Casey Hardison told psychedelic researcher Andy Roberts in an interview for his book Acid Drops, “I have no certainty this has ever happened to me. I have, however, made shit up to this effect. I tend to think that the molecules themselves are entities. And, they have given me great insight into the vastness of my intelligence. Sure, I’ve seen the typical machine elves laughing at me and thought ayahuasca was an alien being that resides in my brainstem, but I was high at the time.” 

Cultural archetypes may be behind the perceptions 


However, Terence McKenna’s compelling perspective seems somewhat at odds with these, and what is perhaps most interesting is that there are so many parallels to be drawn between the types of entities encountered. This is so common that, for example, one need only mention ‘the Jester’, or ‘the Mantis’ to a seasoned user and there is a good chance they know what you’re talking about. This seems to be true whether people have any prior knowledge of the DMT realm or not. A bizarre personal experience tends to lead to internet research, which in turn throws up parallel experiences had by strangers.

Can that really be a coincidence? It has been suggested that the entities are merely archetypes buried deep within the collective subconscious, and that DMT allows access to these; somewhat like the Akashic records. It is hard to say for sure whether DMT users of Indian origin might be more prone to seeing deities they are culturally familiar with, and that Western users might be more prone to encounters with the Jester. Would the collective unconscious really be limited to regions anyway? Are such archetypes culturally dependent or can they transcend culture?  

Do parallels indicate that DMT is a ‘gateway’ to another realm?

One question leads to another, and the fire of curiosity burns on. However elusive the answers currently are, what seems clear is that regardless of intellectual capabilities, the majority of DMT users report a profound sense of reality in their entity encounters. DMT is also one of the few substances that facilitates such encounters in the first place, which lends credibility to the idea that is some kind of  ‘gateway’ rather than a substance that simply warps the perception.

It is also not uncommon to hear that people feel they have ‘brought back an entity’ into the current reality. However unpalatable that might sound, it would be very unwise to write off that possibility.

Collective understanding requires a concerted effort

The only way to form a collective understanding would be to conduct deep research into user experiences around the world. It may be a monumental task, and perhaps an impossible one… but if the entities are indeed real and they do have something important to convey, it is worth the time and effort. This effort must be a concerted one, because it is unlikely than one mind alone will ‘crack the code’, so to speak.

Finally, whether the entity encounters are real or otherwise, they appear to have a genuine impact on those entering the realm, and therefore a ripple-effect impact upon this reality. For that reason alone, it is an area worth studying.

If you have a DMT entity encounter experience you want to share, please submit it to DMT Times and we will do our best to publish it. Over time, we aim to create a library of experiences that allows users to conduct their own research via the site; we will also be working behind the scenes to make sense of what comes to light through our articles.

Read more about the DMT entities here… and thank you in advance for your contributions!