DMT Times has been launched for several reasons. It is a hub and information point for users of DMT and ayahuasca; a place for those interested to find out about the latest news and events, conduct research, and read, share and discuss all aspects of their experiences with likeminded people.  

You can find many kinds of resources on the site, from movies and documentaries to books, articles, artwork and of course insights from DMT Times. These will continue to grow over time, and soon there will also be interviews with authorities in the field, podcasts, local events and discussions, and more.

We are John and Caroline, two strangers introduced by a mutual friend who knew of our shared fascination for DMT, the teacher plants and all things metaphysical. Synchronicity seemed to be dictating, and we both felt compelled to create something useful and aligned with the rising wave of consciousness around this aspect of life. Between us we have a history of plant medicine work (including retreat hosting) and DMT explorations, as well as a useful combination of skills, knowledge and experience to help us facilitate the birth of this site.


We recently had the pleasure of meeting Graham Hancock, who shared an introduction to DMT Times on his site. His support and appreciation for our project has been incredibly inspiring and reminds us that the way forward is collaborative efforts - which, applies in every area of life. Community has been lost in Western cultures, so it is little wonder that valuable information often meets with dead ends.

We must all do whatever it takes to bring this aspect back to life in whichever ways are possible, and whatever the level of adversity. We do not profess to be experts or advisors; we see ourselves as collaborators, curators and facilitators with a shared desire for a healthier collective consciousness. We want to collaborate with the people for the good of this project and its future fruits. We realise that there is nobody in possession of all the answers with regard to this complex aspect of life, but if we all work together, we might just discover some deeper truths and realities. 

A worldwide survey of DMT realm entity experiences  

With this in mind, one of the major aims of DMT Times is to conduct a worldwide survey with the intention of directly questioning the nature of the contact with hyper-dimensional entities often interacted with under the influence of ayahuasca and DMT.  

So prolific are these experiences that they have become a worldwide phenomenon, yet nobody can be completely sure what the purpose of such contact is. Interestingly, there are many parallels that can be drawn between the experiences of users, no matter what culture or background they come from.

Individual experiences may hold the keys to human continuity

DMT Times considers it imperative that research into DMT realm entity experiences is conducted through the collection, interpretation and analysis of individual personal experiences. This could even be a matter of existential importance to human continuity. People often debate whether entity experiences are ‘real’ and despite our feeling that there is much evidence to suggest that they are, it is something we too are trying to come to a definitive conclusion on.

Whether they are real or otherwise, there may still be valuable messages or learnings available to us in the experiences, so it is worth exploring, and deeper understanding surely lies in teamwork. It is widely reported that experiences with entities feel very real – many say they are more real than our everyday reality – and messages conveyed by entities often have a prophetic quality.  

Some may say that the entities are projections from our own subconscious, but this perspective seems to be in a minority. After interaction with DMT entities, users regularly report learning details about themselves that they had previously been unaware of. It is for this reason that entity communication may have a serious impact on the collective consciousness. When people learn things about themselves that inspire them to make positive changes to attitude and behaviour, over time this can’t help but affect the whole.

Experiences are collected and published in the pursuit of shared knowledge

DMT Times wishes to reach out to each and every individual who has ever had an experience with ayahuasca or DMT, in order that they may join us in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of this most important subject.

We feel that with the collaboration of DMT and ayahuasca users, we can gather data that may be crucial to human survival; after all it is no accident that the use of DMT and ayahuasca has become so prevalent in recent times. Understanding of this realm and the reasons for the persistent communication from within it could be just the thing to assist in forming the healthier collective conscious that so many are craving in these testing times.  

DMT Times offers an organised library of experiences

With this in mind, we have set the ball rolling with pages on this site dedicated to individual user experiences with ayahuasca and DMT. Many feature entity communication as standard, and over time as we amass more experiences, we will publish interpretations that draw parallels and hypothesise as to meaning. These interpretations will of course be open to discussion on the site; after all, no one person appears to have a conclusive answer, and such answers may naturally be subjective anyway.

We do not assume to have the answers to such complex existential questions, but with collaboration from DMT and ayahuasca users around the world, we aim to discover as much truth as is willing to reveal itself. Currently users can read both DMT experiences and ayahuasca experiences currently published, as well as submit their own through the site.

Over time, an organised library will start to form, enabling interested users to research the topic thoroughly. We aim to compile, organise, and itemise individual DMT and ayahuasca experiences, cataloging and publishing them for ease of reference. Once we have collected enough information, we will start to share insights that will be open to debate and discussion.

The quest for truth requires discernment and analysis  

From time to time (with permission of the person submitting it) we may also analyse and publish our insights into individual experiences. In our articles section we publish thoughts and insights with the aim of assisting users to make informed decisions and conclusions. You are also welcome to discuss and debate your experiences and ask questions in the forum.

Interestingly, at this present time we have no evolutionary, biological or logical representation or explanation as to how endogenous human neurotransmitters in the tryptamine and cannabinoid complexes got into plants and fungi in the first place. It is a truly fascinating topic.

We can only assume (unless further investigation proves otherwise) that nature has somehow, through a symbiotic template, formed this opportunity for us to experience transcendental communication and spiritual experiences whilst under the influence of the most ancient of molecules.

Feel free to take a look around the site, submit your personal experiences, chat in the forum, browse the news and our thoughts, and spend a few evenings immersing in our resources. We welcome suggestions on how to improve the site, and you’re welcome to send us anything you would like to see on it yourself. Don’t forget to follow, like and share us on social media!  

DMT Times


It may be that DMT makes us able to perceive what the physicists call “dark matter” - the 95 per cent of the universe’s mass that is known to exist but that at present remains invisible to our senses and instruments.
— Graham Hancock